Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Home

Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Home

With summer here, a lot of people are thinking about just relaxing and enjoying the weather. But there’s another option for the summer that can make a real improvement in a person’s life, and that’s buying a home. This makes a lot of financial sense since prices continue to rise year on year and waiting for prices to drop is no longer feasible. Of course, you can buy a home at any time during the year, but summer, in particular, is a good season to do it, and here’s why. 

Families Have It Easier 

One of the best reasons to buy a home during the summer and then move is kids. It’s always better to wait until the school year is done and summer vacation is on the calendar. Not only does this ensure that there’s no disruption to the education of the children, especially if they’re old enough to be writing final exams of any sort, it means that there’s now more time for everyone to do the move properly.  

Arizona Weather Permits Work 

Some incoming homeowners prefer to either have some additional work done on a home after purchase or even do the work themselves. If you’ve got any type of work you’re planning for a home, especially external work, such as new siding, brick repointing, or changing out the old shingles on the roof for newer, long-lasting metal ones, you want all the environmental odds in your favor. Summer is the perfect time to get major work done on a home, with plenty of sunlight and mild weather. 

Plenty Of Choices 

While some conventional real estate wisdom claims that spring is the time to put homes up for sale, statistically this bears out one other result. By the time summer rolls along, a lot of those homes are still up for sale, only now they’ve been on the market for a long time. This can often mean a great combination of having a great choice and even more flexibility in pricing. 

Get A Feel For The Neighborhood 

When you see a home in the summer, you’re also seeing what the neighborhood is like at the “peak” season. If you’re seriously considering a home in a specific neighborhood, now is a great time to see exactly what the neighborhood offers. You may find great family opportunities like parks that make the place even more attractive, or you may find out that neighbors next door spend a lot of time causing noise and disturbances just outside, which may be a big deciding factor for you. 

Rent Is Not Going Down in Arizona

The rate for median rent in the United States went up 2.8% this year, making it fastest that rent has gone up in the last two years. As America faces economic uncertainty due to the various financial activities taking place between the USA and other global economies and markets, it seems a lot more prudent in this economic climate to stop “playing the rent game” sooner rather than later. 

Get Your Dream Home With A Mortgage Loan

If you’re seeing summer as your opportunity to finally invest in a home, you want to talk to us. The Deb Klein Team can make sure you get the financing you need to ensure that your new home is a dream come true, not a financial nightmare. 

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